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  • Ground/Surface Water Treatment Applications
  • Algae Control in Lakes, Reservoirs and Ponds
  • Dredging: Dino-Six
In past years, the drawback to sediment removal has been controlling the excess water without causing a large mess. We utilize a combination of geotextile tubes and coagulating polymers to allow water to filter out at the disposal point clear. After the geotextile tube is allowed to sufficiently dewater, the bag can be cut open and the material removed by conventional means of excavation, burial, spread on site or transportation and disposal off-site.
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  • Fe/Mn Removal
  • Taste and Odor Reduction
  • Disinfections By-Products (THMs/HAAs)Reduction
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  • Zebra Mussel Control
  • Turbidity Reduction
  • Color Removal
  • Arsenic removal
  • Radium Removal
  • Coagulation
  • Disinfection
  • Floccuation
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  • Improve taste and odor
  • Reduce Algae Toxins
  • Reduce Coagulants/ Flocculants/Carbon Usage
  • Reduce Cost of Treatment
The DINO Six is a uniquely portable dredge system developed to perform jobs inaccessible to other dredges and sediment removal equipment. Weighing only 3800 pounds, the Dino Dredge is used to clean wastewater lagoons, storm water detention ponds, canals, clarifiers and home association lakes. It features a 6-inch pump capable of pumping sediment through a pipeline exceeding distances of 1000 ft. With the aid of a small booster pump we can increase the pumping distances substantially.
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  • Minimal disturbance of water which in turn is less risk to fish and other marine life.
  • Allows continue daily operations with minimal interruptions.
  • Safe for rubber pond liners
  • Clean water returns to waterway with minimal site impact.
  • Capable of dredging as shallow as 14 in. and to a depth of 13 ft.
  • Mobilization cost a fraction of typical six inch dredge.
  • Due to being lightweight Dino Six does not disturb the ground or tear up sod.
  • The launching and loading are more like a boat then the conventional dredge or excavator.
  • When sediment removal is complete there is virtually no need for site restoration.
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Dredging and Geo Textile Tube Dewatering

Allows continue daily operations with minimal interruptions.
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